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                             Egg Boiler For Micro

Product Description

Package Size: 11.5 * 7 * 7CM
Product Name: Microwave Egg Cup
Color: White
Product Dimensions: Diameter 7cm * 9.5cm include covers Material: PP
Resistant to 140 degree heat, low temperature of minus 20. Easy to use microwave oven designed tableware, the underlying smear a little oil, egg, just high fire 30-45 seconds, can be steamed egg, convenient and practical, home life good helper. (Reference)

Cup diameter of about 6.5 cm

Cup height of about 5.8 cm

Lid height of about 3.8 cm

Mug + cover a total height of about 9.3 cm

Using high-quality raw materials, manufacture, beautiful appearance, unique design, easy home use.

Do not leave empty containers placed in a microwave oven, or heating food for too long.

Sharp or abrasive materials can damage the surface of the container, clean soft cloth should be used or placed on the top grid automatic dishwasher

1Lot/2pc Min Order 2Lot/4pc

Egg Boiler For Micro
Egg Boiler For Micro Min Order 2lot/4pc
Pris: 170 kr