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Maggie children Angel 12 inch ceramic doll

Product Name:

Maggie children Angel 12 inch ceramic doll


Head made of ceramic, hair is fine flax production. Outerwear and accessories are meticulously hand-finished designer, preferably high-quality fabrics, filling three-dimensional hollow PP cotton material, good elasticity, not afraid of extrusion, hands and feet of fine ceramics, have a qualified certification through the outlet. The body can be removed by washing the clothes, head and hands with warm water and soap to clean the ceramic surface it is easy to dry, can not be water in the body.


Transparent Window Box

Treasurer Message:

Whether you are a girl, girl, woman, or mother, every woman has a heart princess dream!

Whether it's friends and family, home decor, birthday parties, children's parties, this is a worthy collection of gifts, super decent!

Noble dream purple angel, will give you the pleasure of a pleasant experience, then quickly have it together now!

Global Limited oh ~

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