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Rc Car 2,4ghz Scala 1:16

Brush configure technical parameters:

Dimensions: length 343 mm, width 208mm, height 135mm (mm)

Weight: 2.5 kg

ESC: 60A Speed ​​Controller

Main Motor: 380 motor

Servo Power: 707SS - 002 with high precision servo

Power Battery: 7.2V 1300mAh Li - ion battery (can travel about 30 minutes) Charging Time 3-5 hours after fully charging indicator rushes long green (repeated charging indicator from green - Red slow flash indicates charging)

Remote Control Battery: 4 x AA batteries (can apply gift)

Remote control distance: latest upgrade 2.4G remote control within about 500 meters


1 racing forward / reverse proportional speed control, free acceleration / deceleration.

2 Left / Right control proportional control, flexibility, free to adjust the car turning angle, suitable for travel on any curvature of the corners.

3 - quality, high-performance tires on the vehicle, to ensure that the body while at high speeds, with good grip.

4 body before / after a shock absorbing structure when exposed to vibration, to ensure good damping effect

5 forward, backward, turn all the full-scale remote control (throttle button on the slow speed of light, the heavy clasp of fast speed, steering angle, steering angle is large).

6 complete accessories! Low prices ! Wan accidentally damaged, you can buy spare parts and will not on the whole car scrapped when the display!

7 off - road performance is good! Suitable for rough roads! Run up dusty!


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