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Robot Cleaner 3in1 Red Devil

Red Devil robot

The Red Devil vacuum cleaner robot in action cleaning 3 room apartment.


Size: 35 x 10.5cm / 13.78 x 4.13in( H x W)Power: 60WCubage: 1LTotal Power: 45W Noise: 63dBFeatures:

2000mAh Lithium BatteryA single run for 60-minute Automatic navigationAuto-rechargeRegular cleaning Auto-cleaningResistance against self-helpLet drop functionVirtual Wall functionTornado brush Cleaning robot with side brush designUltra-thin bodyCleaning robot with soft wheel designGreen functionSafety energy savingUV germicidal lamp, effectively killing the bacteria on the floorFront wheel to rotate the design, more convenient sensitive Infrared sensor design, non-collision objects, reducing damage to the furniture With a rag, with rubbing to functionA greater volume of dust box, 04LCan detect a more garbage regional focus on cleaning itLarge dust box design take easy for dumpage UV germicidal lamp Increasing function of rag mop Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is easy disassembly brush design Strong pre-shellLED clearer display a variety of working conditions High-capacity lithium-ion battery Ultra-long main brush design, a cleaner more efficient Long side sweep brush designed to clean Bacon foot of a wall is more convenient More suction, more thorough cleaning

Price 348 Euro

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