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Mop Steam Cleaner

5-in-1 H20 Mop X5 does it all ! The powerful, versatile steam cleaning machine. Works as a floor steam cleaner, carpet steamer, hand-held steamer, window cleaner, and garment steamer in one. Rid your home of dirt and dust from floor to ceiling, kill harmful allergens, freshen the air, deodorize carpets, and remove wrinkles from clothing without harsh chemicals or detergents. Go hand-held in seconds. Triangular, 360° pivoting head fits corners and tight spaces.

1) Floor Steamer cleaner : Cleans Without Chemicals

2) Carpet Steamer : Versatil and Easy to Use

3) Hand-Held Steamer:Super-Sanitizing Power

4) Window Cleaner : Continuous Hot Steam

5) Garment Steamer : Super Lightweight and Maneuverable

Your unit comes complete with:

Mop X5

1 Micro Fibre Cloth

1 Carpet Glider

1 Slim Nozzle

1 Nylon Round Brush

1 Wire Brush

1 Extension Hose attachment

1 Window Cleaner/Garment Steamer attachment

1 Duster

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